Recently there has been great deal of interest within the interwebs about the big Israeli credit card leaks. Well the hacker behind this has recently released another update that has been aimed at main media that is getting it wrong, released another dump of credit cards and continued to urge people to use them; as well as sending out further warnings. After contactiing 0xOmar we can confirmed it was well over 200k credit card details that was leaked and even more so there has been threats of more to come with much bigger targets in sight, such as possible military?. As for the main media not taking this for real 0xOmar has released another dump of credit cards in the latest release and makes note that the Israeli government is working hard to have all the previous ones removed from the net.

  • Israeli online lobby was able to delete all my pages from Pastebin, Pastebay, Multiupload, Hotfile, etc. etc. This time you'll not be able to do so. Pastebay says it's uncensored text hosting, but it seems censoring have different meaning for Zionist lobby Because of the above issues, I'll send Israeli details some often, for now I have added another 11,000 credit cards which contains IsraCards and DinnerDash cards. This database contains 60,000 credit cards which also has MasterCard and Visa cards, but I'll send them later among with a lot of others.

Then there is also this as a warning and hint about much bigger stuff to come soon.

I've hacked much more than you can imagine, but I hate fake media and Zionist lobby in media and internet. If needed maybe in next time I start sharing all data I have downloaded from Israeli military contractor companies and let the world have their all documents, I'm thinking to start doing it from an Israeli company which creates jammers and eavesdropping devices.

Most recent update and files here: