We have been contacted by  @jargon7 who admits they are just starting out and this is one of the first hacks they have done, all websites admin have been contacted so most likely the accounts have been disabled; but as we have seen humans are common to use the same password everywhere. @jargon7 also had defaced a website as well today. which can be still found here content/images/gallery/antisec12/community-of-practice.png The defaced site is the Nursing Community of Practice website for South africa, webcache here The leaks come from various site which are listed next to the leak, Reasons are lack of security and skill building. Organicemporium https://www.organicemporium.co.za/Leakhttps://pastebay.com/265865Hydrogen software https://hydrogensoftware.com/Leakhttps://pastebay.com/265867Live Out Doors https://liveoutdoors.co.zaLeakhttps://pastebay.com/265868 City Vibehttps://www.cityvibe.co.za/Leak:  https://pastebay.com/265869 If you use these websites be sure to use CTRL+F for quick search to check for your accounts.