Litmus Logic, a global leader in implementing transformational cyber defense strategies, today announced that co-founder and President, James Ryan, has been selected to speak at the U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference 2012. The conference, being held January 20 through 27th in Atlanta, GA, covers all types of computer-based crime and incident response including intrusion investigations, cyber crime law, digital forensics, information assurance, as well as the research, development, testing, and evaluation of digital forensic tools. James Ryan will be speaking about the unique nature of transformational cyber security initiatives and the imperatives to successfully execute the sweeping investments that leading companies and government agencies are making to remain effective in combating cyber crimes. Mr. Ryan was selected to speak based on Litmus Logic’s proven track record of successful transformational cyber security initiatives, including implementing the world’s largest PIV and PIV-I implementations to date. Litmus Logic has been at the forefront for defining and implementing transformational cyber security strategies that protect against the advanced persistent threat. “We collaborated with NASA, HP, the FICC, and CertiPath to define what is now known as PIV-I and the ICAM segment architecture, and then we implemented these strategies for early adopters. So, we have a unique perspective of why these strategies were needed, and how to rapidly implement them to achieve the business benefits,” said James Ryan. “It’s an honor and a pleasure to speak at the Cyber Crime conference and share some of our expertise in managing these massive initiatives.” Source: PrWEB