content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/op-free-palestine.png Pak Cyber Combat Squad (PCCS) has joined the #OpFreePalestine Fight along side many other hackers who have recently come out and started to fight as one. PCCS has hacked and defaced 60+ sites leaving a common message on them along with the song Long Live Palestine - by Lowkey

Unknown & Krayzie was here ! "Free Palestine . . . We will not go down..Freedom is our goal. .// End the Occupation. . . . . Stop Supporting israel This is For the Child that is Searching for the answer ! Wish i could take your tears and replace them with laughter ! Long Live Palestine , Long Live Gaza.

** Long Live Palestine - by Lowkey**> 60 + Sites Hacked Message posted not to support Israel (#Op Free Palestine) By PCCS Hacked Site:- Archive Mirror:-