Just come across 2 more lots of Israeli personal details which contain, usernames, emails, passwords, phone numbers and business names. This is starting to become one of the major topics of the world with hundreds of hackers joining forces and dumping informations. We have also come across notes for hackers to join certain servers and join forces to fight together, and messages like the below one frm hackers going by the name ABU-ALASAD.

Hello .. This approximately 300 New email account and Facebook was their penetration .. And return to the Israelis, mostly Jews ... And will send you the disclosure and the number of email accounts, credit cards, the new Israeli .. I also thank the brother (ox-omar) on the way a crossed and tell him ... and continued ... This is stronger than the military war and the most damage to the Jews.

Apart from this we have also come across masses of websites that have been found to be vulnerably and labelled as targets in this on going cyber war, one can only hope they get the problems fixed before more data starts leaking out to the public.