Senate Of Michigan Hacked By Anonymous

OpMegaUpload has been taking huge pace, probably one of the faster growning operations that Anonymous hackers have carried out, so far we have neglected to follow this due to is pace and limited time. But now, the Senate of Michigan has been hacked by Sector 404 who go under the Anonymous flag. The attack which contains usernames passwords of admin and personal details of others has been uploaded to and comes along with the below message.

Senate Of Michigan USA Hacked by #OpMegaupload, sector 404 USA y sector Leaks 404, estamos en contra de los ILUMITATIS que controlan nuestro MUNDO, Sepan que vigilamos sus pasos de cerca. SALUDOS A OBAMA... SOMOS ANONYMOUS! NO A LA SOPA OPMEGAUPLOAD @SECTOR_404 @SECTOR404USA @SECTOR404CL @SECTOR404MX @SECTOR404HN @SECTOR404SV Y @SECTORLEAKS_404 Stats from the leak:

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Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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Senate Of Michigan Hacked By Anonymous
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