content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-zhc-mongoose-zhc-toshiro-zcompany-hacking-crew.png ZCompany Hacking Crew has defaced hundreds of websites in relation to Black day in Kashmir which symbols "No Lights, No Smiles... Only Black Day and Black Night.." and is held on the same day as republic day. In total there is over 400 sites that have been defaced and left with a common message. Message in the defacement:

[KASHMIR SHALL BECOME PAKISTAN] [AS INDIA CELEBRATES ITS "REPUBLIC DAY", KASHMIR OBSERVES BLACKDAY] The Gross Human Rights violations in Occupied Kashmir tantamount to killing of Humanity. And to rub salt on the wounds the perpetrators are still roaming scot-free. Justice delayed is Justice Denied. You claim to be the Largest Democracy in the world but when it comes to Kashmir and Kashmiri people you tend to forget all your Democratic principles. You kill our fathers, our brothers, shoot down teenagers point blank and detain them under draconian laws like PSA without even giving them a fair trial, you rape our sisters and mothers. After years of atrocities and oppression we say that we will Rise and Rise Again ... Until Lambs become Lions !!! We shall rise from Ashes like the Falcons do !!

video in the defacements: httpsvh://! i The rest of the sites that got defaced can be seen here: