The fight to stop SOPA from ever happening has already taken many targets and been used alot recently. One of the most recent attacks that is aimed at making governments aware that Anonymous is not happy with the SOPA support they show. As a result the most recent attack has said to of claimed over 100 mostly mexican based websites, most of which are offline now.

Fuck #SOPA Regardless of our protest, many goverments had started to implement the law that is world wide hated. We do not need the #SOPA law, your only interest are the economic and forgetting the demands that the people are asking for through the years and you only hear those who have enough money to buy a piece of government power. We, Anonymous as you already are 100% against this smelly law and we are enough angry to see you filling your pockets with our money and using it against us. We will continue our attacks to all the countries who take this law for them benefit and nothing for their citizens. WE HATE SOPA, WE WILL FUCK ALL YOUR INTENTIONS OF MAKE HIGHER YOUR GREED. ANT SOME COCKS IN YOR FACE? YOU WILL HAVE THEM!! WE WILL HAVE SOME FUN ;D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,,, | |,,,, chroot, | |,,,, | |,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,,, | |,,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,, | |,,,,,, | |,,,,, | |,,,, | |,,, | |,|,,, | |,|,,, | |,|,,,| |,|,,,, | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fuck #SOPA

So will this ever stop? when will both the hackers and the government stop? or will they never stop?