A couple of days ago one of the anonymous based websites, anonyops.com that is more well known was attacked and defaced by a hacker using the handle exotz, well when this happened in the deface was a email so naturally we sent out contact to it and got a response. content/images/gallery/random3/freezepage-anonyops-hacked.png We sent just a few basic questions which will help alot of people under the attack.

CWN: Do you consider your self anonymous exotz: I am not a part of "anonymous", never been, never will be CWN: What was your motive for the attack. exotz  Motive? "just for lulz CWN: What was your method of attack. exotz  Hmm "Method" it was just their failure upload script at the server which has let me upload the shell

In response to this exotz has also asked us to publish another message to anonymous and others who are interested in these attacks.

If you could, I would also want you to post that anons did nothing to me, neither did somebody else. Well, I've got a few "threats", but that was just trash talking. You might also underline that I NEVER WAS IN ANONOPS, because people don't seem to get it. You might also say that it actually took few minutes to hack anonyops. The site overall is terribly written and there STILL remain a few bugs.

So really its come down to anonyops.com being poorly scripted which has resulted in it being defaced which is turning out to be a problem with a lot of websites as the internet grows bigger and bigger every day.