TeamGreyHat have become victims to part of there own game and there website has been hacked by 3xp1r3 Cyber Army and at time of publish was still defaced. Its not uncommon to see hackers attacking each other, infct it happens more often then not and often it sparks or is part of a on going saga that often never gets resolved.

Dear Customer, You know that Joomla and Wordpress Site is hacked by through themes and exploits but we are the cr3ws of 3CA hacks team Greyhat CPanel without any exploit and it is a simple hack for us. And now indians are not underestimate us and see our pow3rwho we are. We accept your challenge and show you our power that never challenge us . One of our admin S1r-3xp1r3 warned you about your bug but you underestimate him. So we show you that you really have a bug :P////:) W3 are 3x1pr3 and w3 n3v3r l3av3 a chall3ng3 and don't b3 f3ar again w3 say w3 do a simpl3 hack to you and you n33d to know and FaceBookGroup: