It doesn't seem to be summing up to a good week end for webmasters and administration of many australian servers wth an earlier leak of data from 5 australian government websites and now  a report is coming out that BP and castrol australia have both been hacked. The attack which has been carried out by Turkish hacker using the handle UzmaN (Expert in English) has left the two sites defaced, both defacings are on subdomains and one is located in a temp folder for the subdomain. As well as this another team has also hacked the main page of the sub-domain hack as well but we are unsure to when this has happened but has be carried out by two hackers using the handle Suwario / PisTqon and are possibly Turkish hackers to, we will do some research. Castrol defacing mirror and location: content/images/gallery/random3/twitter-anonltd-https-t-co-uziad0i4-hacke.png the other castrol defacing: content/images/gallery/random3/twitter-anonltd-https-t-co-uziad0i4-hacke.png As for the bp hack is more messed up then anything else and only features one bit of wording* "Hacked By UzmaN -" * mirror of the hack: other defacings by UzmaN