content/images/gallery/zhc/mht.jpg Mauritania Hacker Team have released a video of a claimed attack on Israeli's in an attempt to contuine the fire going on in the middle east cyber war that we have watch grow over the past few months with a very fast pace, lots of attacks and leaks of data. The leak which was announced via the facebook page for the team contains a partial amount(2000+) of email accounts and clear text passwords from this claimed 15,000 accounts with threats that more is to come soon. see video below. The attack appears to of been carried out by a member of ZHC, ZCompany Hacking Crew, Mauritania Attacker Zhc  from

Mauritania HaCker Team is known as one of the best hacker of the world after many destruction of websites of Israel , Usa , Danemark and many Government countries and most dangerous thing it was the creation of viruses wich harmed many computers over the world the team is just one person called "Mauritania Attacker" with the following adresse: [email protected] The Team has developped a worm called "Client Facebook" you can watch the method in [youtube](<iframe width=) cause facebook deleted the video many time! you can also visit the page of Mauritania HaCker Team on Facebook

?autoplay=0"> If you are concerned about your email being leaked you can use to check if it has been leaked in this attack or any others.