content/images/gallery/antisec12/twitter-cabincr3w-https-t-co-6lgut7ya-pol.png It would seem that @CabinCr3w hackers have been busy for the past couple of weeks hacking away at the servers of the Los Angeles Police canine Association As a result of this some very interesting accusations and data to back it up has been leaked after the hackers gained access to the users accounts, started probing around a bit more and stupidly enough an officer had reused the same details for a email account which has now exposed more data and ended up leaked across the Internet. content/images/gallery/antisec12/twitter-cabincr3w-https-t-co-6lgut7ya-pol.png The leaked data contains heaps of different stuff that ranges from member accounts with full personal details, admin accounts that sadly all have the same password which is password, dump from a roster, leak of private nude pictures from "Mechelle Thompson", then goes to a folder called proof which has the below three images in it and expose's police. content/images/gallery/antisec12/twitter-cabincr3w-https-t-co-6lgut7ya-pol.png content/images/gallery/antisec12/twitter-cabincr3w-https-t-co-6lgut7ya-pol.png content/images/gallery/antisec12/twitter-cabincr3w-https-t-co-6lgut7ya-pol.png

Over the past three weeks, we in the cabin have been targeting law enforcement sites across the United States, be it for injustices they have allowed through ignorance or naivety, taken part in, or to point out the fact that their insecurity failed to protect the safety of those they took an oath to serve. In this venture we have obtained the names and addresses of over 1000 officers, over fifteen thousand police warrants, hundreds of thousands of court summons, over forty thousand social security numbers of citizens proving the police lack of care for the security of the citizens, anonymous tips of criminal informants pertaining to narcotics, criminal informant information and thousands of online police reports. In all of this information, the large amount we have seen none of it has been as disturbing as what we found in this most recent target. As you will see below, we accessed the databases for the Los Angeles Police Canine Association. Including names, addresses, and phone numbers of hundreds of officers and their membership rosters which were taken upon login. After obtaining this information, due to the stupidity of many in reusing passwords we went through and checked the passwords from the site against the emails used to register. To be one of the two unfortunate who did reuse them meant we now have all of their emails, and you do as well. The ones that were not just spam are attached to download below as well, including their email attachments. In one of these emails, that of Jesse Flores, we found the disturbing content stated earlier. Images of children in an email with the subject "Men In Training" which were of questionable material. The pictures being those such as 1) A small boy looking down the bathing suit of a small girl 2) A small child fully nude 3) A Small boy pulling on the nipple of a grown woman Obviously, we will not be including the photos from the email in this release but we will be making contact with the appropriate organizations protecting children from exploitation online. This unethical, and illegal content in the possession of those who are sworn to uphold the law, makes you really question where they stand on their own follow of the law. Here are the dox of pedocop, feel free to tell him how you feel about the abhorrent content of his email. @CabinCr3w