content/images/gallery/bca/oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-cbi_-gov_-in_.png BCA, Bangladeshi cyber army, a self claimed largest hacking group in bangladeshi has taken the CBI offline and as a result the sites been down for some time now due to the attack. video of the attack. The attack was carried out over the past couple of hours at first on the BCA "attack page" it was announced the attack was starting. content/images/gallery/bca/oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-cbi_-gov_-in_.png Then within an hour or so they had the above video up declaring it had taken down the cbi website. content/images/gallery/bca/oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-cbi_-gov_-in_.png The on going cyber war between india and bangladeshi hackers has also claimed many other sites over the past couple of months and more so recently there has been rumors spread that hackers from india have been getting arrested and that the CBI was out to get the bangladeshi hackers.