It has become aware that a security firm WT Forensics, LLC, has sent a email out to a bunch of police officers that got caught up in last weeks #OpPiggyBank Release by anonymous hackers. WT forensics seems to provide a self claimed affordable Computer Incident Response, Computer Remediation, and Digital Forensics to small and medium sized businesses and individuals. The emails contents goes on to talk about a #CabinCr3w Member @ItsKahuna and was "intercepted" late last night.

@ItsKahuna a member of CabinCr3w has hacked the LA Police Canine Association site. Once he had your email addresses and passwords he tried to access your email accounts using the same password. At least three individuals, Mechelle Thompson, Jesse Flores, and Timothy Jacobson's email accounts have been compromised. Please contact the appropriate authorities, including your email provider. Please change all of your passwords. If you have any questions, feel free to call -- Robin Jackson Security+, CISSP, ITIL Senior Partner WT Forensics, LLC (406) 530-9831

The recent hack had seen hundreds of accounts and emails leaked which has strong claims of paedophilia within the police force as well as leaked personal information and photos of some officers. So with this information coming out its anyone's guess as to exactly how this was obtained but its unlikely the hackers will expose the measure that has been taken to obtain this.