A hacker using the handle [Orions Hunter](https://www.facebook.com/orionshunter) who is a pat of the Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers Group has left six Indian top missionary websites defaced after hacking them in the name of #opindia.
The hack has left the sites defaced with the below image which is very graphic and not for the weak hearted at all and is labeled "stop the boarder killing". as the weeks go on we are seeing more and more hackers from both sides stepping up and attacking each others websites in relation to these border killings. content/images/gallery/random3/jesusall-co_-in_.png The sites that have been defaced all belong on the same server and are listed below: - https://jesusall.co.in/ - https://jesusall.net.in/ - https://jesusall.org.in/ - https://jesusforgives.org.in/ - https://jesusall.in/ - https://jesusexalts.org/ - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8851 - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8853 - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8854 - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8855 - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8856 - https://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8852

The message in the defacement which also contains graphic wording aimed towards the border killings., at the time of publishing all the above sites were still defaced.> "HackeD bY Orions Hunter" Owned By BANGLADESH BLACK HAT HACKERS #OP INDIA -- Message -- 15 Years Innocent Girl Felani Killed by Fucking Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Listen India, #SToP BoARDeR KiLLiNG... #RESoLVE WAtER SHaReING PRoBLeM AnD SToP Tipaimuk Dam... #Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India... #Stop Hacking Bangladeshi Web sites... Otherwise we will... #Destroy your cyber spaces.... #Stop watching indian channels and jam the indian cable tv channels with jamming signal in BANGLADESH... #Stop using all kinds of indianproducts #Stop all business and co-operation with india WE NEVER FORGET, WE NEVER FORGIVE, WE NEVER GIVE UP& SHAME ON BSF..........FUCkiNG BSF ......SHAME.... "When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.? -Nelson Mandela-

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