content/images/gallery/random3/capture_2.png has come across a very interesting hack and mass deface that has left 1749 French based websites all with the same page. The deface page features the below message first then several pictures of graphic nature then has 4 youtube videos attemtping to explian the reasons behind these attacks. the attacks have been all carried out by a hacker using the handle Azerbaijanian Hacker CwGhost. [](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> Message in the defacings.

HackedbyCwGhost Your System Has Been Hacked uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groupes=0(root) Azerbaijanian Hacker CwGhost Greetz: [ CaLLDeRooN ] The 26th of February Khojaly Genocide Day Génocide de Khojaly commis par les Arméniens contre les civils Azerbaïdjanais At night from February 25 to 26 the Armenian armed forces occupied the town of Khojaly. The occupation was carried out with active support of several units of the Russian Army's 366th regiment. Occupation of Khojaly was followed with unprecedented brutalities against the civilian population. In a few hours the aggressors killed 613 innocent and unarmed people. Among them were 106 women, 83 children. 56 people were killed with special brutality. 8 families were totally exterminated. 25 children were totally, and 130 children were partly orphaned. 476 people became disabled persons (of them 76 were minors). 1275 people were taken into hostage and even though afterwards most of the hostages were released from captivity, the fates of 150 of them are still unknown. 26 February Khojaly Genocide Is a Special Day in Azerbaijan's history.We will never forget this day. /

Full list of sites that have been defaced. Source: