content/images/gallery/random3/capture_1.png The United Nations has taken another hit from hackers, this time its the Armenia based website. Turkey cyber Army has been busy away hacking leaving it with the below message which is orginally in english but has been translated for easier reading. In the hack it also gives links to pretty much all the members of Turkey cyber Army via facebook.

Fever   |    Ayazoglu   |    H @ CNS   |    Death_K1nG   |    By3xRooT    |    By Musti  | SLYHacKeR    |   Hacker_infazci   |    SonTuRK   |    SoNHamLe   |    Khaan'Bey   |    Hacked by fever. / MAL4TY4 4TT4CK Turkey & Azerbaijan , February 26, 1992 Non-Massacre quieted by the world community on a date to that date, Azeri Muslim brothers slain, killed Huncarca slices were exposed to every kind of torture do not throw all the world knows what is suluyemiyorum Bloody History ortbast Eden European countries, I ask this dirty innocent children are killed before their eyes Forgive Motherhood But do not throw me a slice people to be skinned alive Skins Will you deliver pregnant women, who account to murder Vahci Desilerek bellies. ? France, Armenia, Israel, Netherlands Denmark Sweden cocugusunuz all of you bitches them in the account to all of you someday Anyway Vericekler GOD ABOVE.!

direct mirror link Now really its getting to the point where it seems the united nations do not seem to care about the security of their websites and servers as so far in the last 12months we have at least 25+ known attacks on them which have resulted in defacing, leaks or worse. Thanks to The HacK News for the source