content/images/gallery/random3/capture_3.png A few weeks ago we got word that one of the main members of a hacker team who goes by the handle Metal soft team was detained and had computers seized as part of an investigation into the recent string of attacks. As a result other team members have continued or defaced websites with a new message, letting fail root know that are there for him no matter what.

They seek not the real criminals? FailRooT is a genius. A great friend, but a friend a brother. FailRooT Brother! (MetalSoft # Team) We are with you! Welcome to the cyber Gerra PDI Chile We are ; JH -Team - Nort4x - xDarkston3x - RS4 - W4rn!ng - Dr-x - DarkBytex - Kalimndor Team

The target website belongs to the Chilean government and is for the Federal Action Regionalists, at time of publishing the site was still defaced but only seems to be the front page as other pages from Google links work fine.