@r3dh4ck  have struck again and this time they have hacked a police website and obtained data and are said to be leaking bit by bit to reliable sources. Redhackers have been around since the mid/late 90's and are one of the more skilled hacker groups that are out there these days. The hacks have been done in part of the AntiSec operation that was started up by anonymous and lulzsec hackers late last year and has contuined to push its hacking on all types of governments and security firms that with hold any type of information from the public. The leaked files are said to be in turkish and are being leaked on to https://www.red-hack.org/ which is also owned by Redhackers. Its not the first time they have had Ankara in their sights with an attack late last year as well. Read full article on the RedHackers website. more information follow them on twitter @r3dh4ck