content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-dr-hacker-faisal_al_dfery.png A hacker using the handle Dr.HaCkEr has added to the already big list of United nations websites that have been hacked and left defaced. The most recent belongs to the Food And Agricultural Organization Of the United Nations, and more so the north east subdomain. In the deface is a message from Syria to the "arab rulers", At time of publishing the site was still defaced. Defaced sites:

Message from Syria to the Arab rulersCould not you find it odd silence the Arab rulers to kill us we SyriansAnd to those massacres and mass graves that hide where this brutal system of our children and young flower, children and even men and women; I know very well that you know that the splendor Being a martyr You and you wish the certificate to you and to your children and perhaps Thsdonna upon it and coming to our country to disperse in good soil, and I understand that you shall hold your peace on purpose to enjoy more and more of the people of Syria and obtain the certificate by the great honor ofBut what puzzles me is the silence on rape our daughters and our women and even children by agents of the system and Cbihh and the Persians and the followers of Hezbollah; Do you wish to also rape your daughters and your children? Of and ensures you do not do it to them if the Iranians were able to Ikhmdoa our revolution?And surprised silence and Scottkm for their torture brutal for our children and our youth and the qualifications and our men and old women and Tfnnhm in burning and uprooting their nails and hung for long periods and even urinating on them and being stripped naked and beaten to unconsciousness without mercy, and to prevent them from basic human biology, but Question Is there in this world of wishes what Taatmnnouna to your children? We all know that you Amthuntm silence since a long time ago for the moment to memorize your chairs rotten, was abandoned on our people in Palestine, Iraq and Trkimohm to their fate is painful in the hands of the Magi and the Jews, and did not think even saying a word rightI still hesitate to pray that you and your children to taste and your daughters and what Zguenah Ndhugah humiliating because of your silence, and this frequency is not, of course, you love what you Ibqeetm place in the hearts of the Arabs**** But I hope to God that you and your people you Thacpkm and complete silence on the road with them after that Nnfd our backs this system soon dust, mold, and make sure that we will not forget your attitudes and your people with Snhacpkm in this world and we will bring the ball there in our life eternal .