Universal Music Sweden Hacked by @anon_4freedom for ACTA

@anon_4freedom has been at it again hacking high profile websites that are well known. The latest adds to the attacks that Universal music has had over the past months with the Brazil and Portugal websites already being hacked as well as many others in the name of SOPA and ACTA. The latest leak has dumped a load of accounts, data base information and other info to. At time of publishing the website seemed to be offline suggesting they may know about this already and are probably trying to figure out how they was exploited. https://ozdc.net/dumps.php?dump=665

Statistical Information

Already Stored10
**Top 4 Provider Result's**
**Total of** 666 Emails Found
[Original Source](https://virtualsepo.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/universal-music-sweden-hacked-by-sepo.html)
Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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Universal Music Sweden Hacked by @anon_4freedom for ACTA
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