content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-pak-cyber-pyrates-cyb3r0ck3r-no-swear-xxx_death_xxx-d3v-l-3y3-m-khan-pcp-gujjar-haxor.png Over the months there has been many operations dubbed with "free palestine" in many different ways from many different hackers, groups and teams. One of the most recent attacks totals 800 sites that have been hacked and defaced. The hacker responsible for these attacks is part of Pak Cyber Pyrtes or PCP and go by the handles Cyb3r0ck3r & M Khan PCP. At time of publishing alot of the sites where still defaced. Copy of release #opFreedomPalestine #Hacked by Cyb3r0ck3r & M Khan PCP - Pak Cyber Pyrates #Thanks to team PCP #Greetz to All those who support #opFreedomPalestine =============================================================== https://caleñ https://mdiseñ https://antioqueñ M Mirrors: