content/images/gallery/random3/pwn3d.png Sbkiller from Cyb3rs3c Crew has hacked and left Mozilla's Denmark based website defaced. The website which is put together by Mozilla supporters who translate programs and documents for the danish community has had its site, forum, and blog hacked and left with a extra deface page cybersec.html. content/images/gallery/random3/pwn3d.png Now its sort of funny to see such big name websites that are dedicated to the security of Internet browsing become victims themselves but in this modern days its almost becoming expected that all these sites are hackable in some way due to the lack of care the admin put into the security of the site. Message in the defacement.

MOZILLA DENMARK PWNED Sbkiller Was Here!!! Me From Cyb3rs3c Crew " Mess With The Best Die Like The Rest " Tell your problem here : Visit us: And Special Thanks To: Newbie3viLc063s | Rilekscrew | Dragonforce | Cybersec Crew | Seth Erry DotMy | Red John

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