The on going threat of ACTA has been going for some time now and as a result we have already seen many attacks, defacements, "tango downs" and data leaks from a heap of different targets that are in support of it. One of the most recent is a Panama Film website that has been hacked and had a dump of accounts leaked by hackers in the name of ACTA and PIPA. In the leak is a message which we have translated with google.

ABCs H4ck reveals information's # OpMarzoNegro NOFENCES TO CINEMAS, THOSE WHO WANT TO MAKE SOUP PIPA and ACTARE WHAT YOU MAKE THE MOVIES AND CENSOR .. Greetings to @ @ AnonOpsPanama AnonymousOpsPTY LatinHackers @ @ @PwonedSecurity Sector404 And the rest of Panama! This can access the database page

The leaked data contains usernames and encrypted passwords.