Anonymous has just released another video this time in the name of OpBahrain in which they state they will waste your servers. transcript

Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. For over one year the people of Bahrain have peacefully protested in the streets for freedom, justice, and democracy. They have been met with tear gas, live ammunition, torture, kidnapping and death while the United Nations and countries around the world turn their backs. People have been imprisoned for the crime of 'advocating human rights.' Citizens whose families have been murdered by the government are arrested, women are raped, tear gas is fired in to homes at night and infants lay dead. We demand the Bahraini government stop killing its people. We demand they put an end to their Human Rights violations, stop arresting and torturing their citizens, and stop the use of mercenaries against their own people. We demand the immediate release of all human rights activists and all those jailed for political "crimes." We also demand the Qorvis corporation and other American P R firms stop working on behalf of the Bahraini government and stop their active campaigns of disinformation, lies, and harassment of activists. We will lay waste to your servers, spread the truth about your illegitimate government, show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Bahrain and expose your crimes against humanity. To the people of Bahrain, continue protesting. Continue demonstrating peacefully. You have the support of the people of the world and you will have the freedom you deserve. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Bahrainian Government, Expect us.