A social network website that is based in peru has been hit by hackers who have dumped the complete database online and left the site ruined after it. The site peruanosonline.com when check before publishing was displaying the following message.

SQL query error! Error infomation:- - - - - -

[SQL] select * from jcow_gvars [Error] Table 'peruanos_chiri.jcow_gvars' doesn't exist You can get help by sending this infomation to us: https://jcow.net

The data base leak which can be found on pastebin has a link to another text file which include the complete results from the leak dump. in this there is thousands of accounts, possibly Facebook and other social media accounts to. https://pastebin.com/bsfGiUP7 https://codda.cl/Disclosure/peruanos_chiri.txt