At the start of the year south African police cracked down on a cyber gang who was in the process of stealing millions from hacked and phished bank accounts. As a result of this the first person has now been sentenced to serve 15years in jail for his part in the cyber crimes. In a report coming from a south African based new site they have stated that the police have made a statement saying they are coming for the other hackers. The police's McIntosh Polela said, “We will continue hunting for more suspects who were involved and they will be hearing from us soon.”. So is this actually going to be the start of a new war on cyber crime across the world? over the past 12months we have seen hundreds of people from all different corners of the world being locked up or detained for cyber crimes, so it might be a good idea for all them kids and others out there that want to practice "black hat" or crime hacking then be prepared to take the punishment when it comes, because it will.