Late last year anonymous hackers had started a very much needed operation that was targeting child porn sites that where based on the tor network, the operation ended up dieing out after a few sites was taken down and lack of action by law enforcement. More recently #OpDarknetV2 has been kicked off and its back targeting sites on the tor network. The site, which will not be linked to due to content reasons was hacked and as a result the admin information and accounts was leaked onto In the leak also comes a short message about the operation and the attack.

As our first official attack for #OpDarknetV2, we bring you something that we are sure you will enjoy. One of our members managed to find an SQL injection vuln on a pedophile onion website that goes by the name of Kindzazachan, he breached the servers, and now we bring you the leak of data from the website. We warned you pedos, we told you we were coming for you.

Also related is another paste with a further explanation for those who cant get there head around why this happens.

We anons were once again wandering through the darknet, and again found lolita city and freedom hosting, the pedophiles have grown stronger since our previous attacks, they grow stronger every day. As history has shown, our attacks were not futile, anonymous put a gaping hole in lolita city and freedom hosting and gained widespread media attention causing the press to constantly mention lolita city on the news, outing them as the sick pedophiles they are. Although our attacks were succesful, it seems the pedophiles are intent on keeping their undeserved place on the internet. This is absolutely unacceptable, the disgusting content on over 40 child pornography sites grow larger and we will not sit back and watch, we will make a stand once again with the destruction of freedom hosting, lolita city, and any other website geared towards the trading of content with rape/pedophilia. Tor is not our target, only the sites hosting the child pornography are the targets. We shall return with bear rugs. Chris Hansen is coming. Expect us. #OpDarknetV2 engaged. #OpPedoHunt engaged.