MMM aka  #MondayMailMayhem is said to have a fairly large leak of data coming some time today from the American Bureau Of Justice. The announcement of the has come from twitter account @planethacks and the first sign that anything was on its was late yesterday with a tweet stating they are setting up a seed box for the 1.7GB of data they have obtained.

We're setting up a seedbox for our release, tomorrow 1.7GB of epicness will happen.

Then not long aga came another small sign "Let's check our Monday Mail #MMM" with not long after the main announcement that the leak is on its way. > We successfully hacked into the Bureau of Justice, 1.7GB of data was obtained. #MondayMailMayhemrelease coming up. #MMM#AntiSec#Anonymous

****So if this is anything like what we have seen from anonymous before this leak will most likely stir up a lot of drama and worry.