A Self claimed underground hacking crew has come out of the woods to make a statement towards UGNAZI @UG hackers who have been on a cyberwar path over the past few weeks. In a simple comment on our site came a message for the hacker crew that GearSec has come out of the underground to expose UGNAZI. Now its not uncommon for hacker crews to end up in silly fights and arguments but for some reason we feel this one has a bigger story behind it. In the message, which can be seen below is also some personal information or Doxs on the members of UGNAZI. In the message GearSec claim they may know about UG then any 3 letter agency, anyway here is the message.

It's rare that we make any public appearances, but we think that this one was necessary. You've made countless mistakes upon your operations, and the feds are watching your every move. If you think for a second that any three letter agency know's more about you than us, you're very mistaken. GearSec is from the underground, and we're here to fucking take the scene back. It's skids and pieces of this like you and the rest of your crew (who will be coming up in the first issue of GearSec) are about to get fucking wrecked. GearSec is filing an operation on you, and the rest of your skid team and those affiliated. Why are we targeting you specifically? For your motives, you're saying that you're fighting for a better internet, and for freedom. Yet you limit the freedom of peace on the citizens of the internet. The internet was created as a tool for human society to use to better each other, and to escape the nightmare of being disconnected. With the internet there is a flow of freedom and information that most governments could not limit even if they had wanted. UGnazi and other entities like it are doing nothing but generating the need for more regulation, thus choking the users of the internet of their freedom. GearSec is keeping an eye on you and your activities, and we'll strike when appropriate. Don't forget to check your mail Josh, you may be receiving critical information from said three letter agencies.

Read the full release here: https://pastebin.com/KrRG81e4 Also if GearSec could contact us it would be great.