A newly started anonymous operation has is set to kick off today with a claimed list of high profile targets that are going to be used for firing and penetration practice by hackers around the world. In a simple paste from @AnonymousWiki has come the following message.

We, #TheWikiBoat would like to introduce this press release on our very first operation: Operation NewSon (OpNewSon). As previously stated, we have no motives other then doing it all for the lulz. However this operation will be slightly different and will somewhat change our already stated objective on doing it for the lulz. On the day of the operation, we plan to hit and attack several high corporate entities. Shortly after the start of the operation, we plan to release precious classified data on the already set out list of targets we do have. Those targets are none other then the ones who ultimately rule: the high revenue making companies of the world. While attacking the major companies of this planet may seem lulzy, we also wish that this operation make a difference. We are "sticking it to the man" so to speak. Our hopes are set out on this being a major operation because after all, we will be hitting major corporate/incorporate associations.

Within the release is also a link to their IRC and a link to the infamous LOIC on sourceforge, we seriously advise to not take part in these attacks as the past has shown us at least one person will be arrested for them. So today at 4:00pm PST  which is coming upon us we are expected to see the start of yet another new huge attack spree that may last for a couple days if not weeks. Be sure to follow the #Opnewson hash tag on twitter to keep uptodate with what's happening.