content/images/gallery/antisec12/policeleaks.png A self claimed fraction of the anonymous #antisec movement, @k0detec has just announced a new fuck the police friday data dump which contains several websites administration and user credentials. So once again this one is sure to annoy and anger a lot of different people and with all the other recent high profile attacks its starting to prove its point that the Internet is really not secure at all, especially the ones we are meant to trust in have no security. The leak contains 5 different websites all with usernames and passwords and stupidly enough one of them passwords is 12345 and yes they where stored in clear text, which one proves lack of security. Press Release Message:

Hello, we are k0detec, a fraction of the #anonymous faction known as #antisec. Below you can find some law enforcement related tidbits of info, but if you are willing to stick with us up here for a few minutes we would like to speak on a few things. The reasons for the growth of #anonymous and the flowering of #antisec were no less valid or real on August 16th 2011, the day after Sabu plead guilty in a secret court hearing to various crimes. If anything that event and the events that followed it should be a rallying cry, a clarion call to those who weren't sure what side they were on. The government will chew you up and spit you out, threaten you, turn you against your friends and comrades, lie to you and then shit all over you if they want to. After seeing what happened to LulzSec we shouldn't flinch, we should take a moment to mourn, learn from their errors and redouble our efforts. Hell, if some twitter accounts were to be believed LulzSec is still with us and there were more "ex-leaders" of LulzSec than actual members, strange that. We digress.. The people in charge, the "control machine" of the Government, the police the corrections system and the intelligence agencies think that the internet is a one way street, information flows from us to them, they are so very wrong. This is a two way street, the only thing between us and you are some wires, ones and zeros. Nobody is untouchable. #antisec is a line in the sand, you cross it and we will respond. You want to steal our privacy, kiss yours good bye. We at k0detec are a little discerning in our choice of targets, primarily law enforcement, government agencies and those who profit from business with cops, militarists and corrupt governments. No Albanian florist shops and no Yoga centers. Fuck unimind unity, but let's at least have enlightened internal non-aggression. Stop the infighting, the d0xing and the squabbling. Start reading, writing, talking, marching, hacking! Refuse to be silent or complicit in their system. Remember who the real enemies are.

The attacked websites are --------------------------- "For over three decades, T&M Protection Resources has been providing a growing portfolio of seamlessly integrated security and investigative services, including state-of-the-art security technologies, to leading corporations, organizations and private clients. In a world of rapidly changing and ever-present threats to the safety and security of people, property and reputations, T&M is your partner in creating customized security solutions that meet your goals for protection at the workplace, in the home and on the road." Orly? We will let them tell you more details: Threat Analyses and Vulnerability Assessments Security Master Plan Development -->>Executive Protection Planning and IRS Reviews for CEOs -->>Police & Public Safety Consulting Services Business Impact Analysis Operational Readiness Assessments Emergency Preparedness Services Security Systems Evaluations Integrated Security Systems Design and Implementation Travel Security Briefs Security Policies & Procedures Development Security Training We were almost sold on their services, hell, we are pissing enough people off we might NEED some kind of a protection service.. This leak contains usernames and encrypted passwords. ------------------------ Marion County Sheriff's Office better run their server status alert script to notify them that we've been and gone, in fact let us help you in case the contact person slipped your minds. This leak contains usernames and clear text passwords, / --------------------------------------------- Damn, this site gave us access to a lot of info, we got your SAGE login details by the way, for what looks like every business in your whole town, but we are only going to release: Sadly the above leak was the one that contains a 12345 password. this leak contains username. ids and clear text passwords. -------------------------- Sierra County, California, wish we'd had more time to run these passwords so we could read your probation officer's e-mail, but time waits for no one. This leak contains user ids, emails and encrypted passwords.