Couple of days ago we reported that the bioncle news website( had been hacked once again and as a result there was around about 1000 accounts leaked on to pastebin from a hacker using the handle AnonTeenUSA. We today they have now dumped the rest of the database which is said to total over 9000 accounts, so we did our thing and have processed these and the final result of the 2nd part of the leak is So there wasnt 9k and it contained 945 of the 953 accounts that was in the first leak. The leaked data contains usernames, emails, date of births, encrypted passwords and once again the salt for the encrypted password, as we stated before this is a stupid practice that many developers follow. The leak was found on pastebin with the following message and link to the actual data which was found on mediafire

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Hello everyone! Its 64bit and 2 days ago, I leaked 1,000 accounts on and | | I thought, Why not leak more? It's a huge forum, The people need MOAR! Now, I said I | | would release 10,000 but I decided to stop, At least there is over 9,000! That being | | said, If you want the STAFF accounts, they are here: | | The Vuln website link is here:' | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Now since there is so many accounts and passwords, I put it up for a download: Remember if your worried your account details or website have been breached you can use to find this out.