@k0detec who last week released the login details of several police websites from around the world has now taken sights to a British security company, Ronin Concepts Security Elite Ltd (https://www.roninconcepts.co.uk/) which claims to be a creator of counter terrorism and security equipment and strategies. The leak happened about 15hrs ago and was announced via twitter in fairly normal fashion:

k0detec ‏@k0detec https://roninconcepts.co.uk / private security company /https://pastebin.com/8pAfPkwb #antisec#anonymous@Cyber_War_News@AnonHackNew

as you can see the leaked data can be found on pastebin.com and it contains the following message about the lack of security on Ronin's Servers.

We know it's not Friday, but we just have that Friday feeling. "Ronin Concepts Security Elite Ltd is a British security company specialising in broad spectrum security strategies and training. Since the company was formed in 2004 Ronin Concepts has and continues to be instrumental in the development and implementation of Counter Terrorist and Close protection teams for government departments world-wide." It just goes to show, all the photos of you posing with machine guns you can clog a server up with just doesn't make that server secure. Who knew? Maybe that's the problem? The admin is in Afghanistan apparently, perhaps he is too busy dodging bullets and improvised explosives to properly secure this site? Oh, the password above? It's l340akk and you are welcome. We are also going to drop the passwords for the rest of the sites we could access through this server and the details of your contact form. Why? Because fuck you, that's why.

The leaked data contains a total of 1,245, 10 or so which are administration and the rest are people who have been in some sort of contact with the company as @K0detec explains in the ;last message.

We like the admin's use of a handy mnemonic device for remembering super elite alpha-numeric passwords, having ALL of them be the FUCKING SAME PASSWORD. l340akk. Including his own. l340akk. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Here are some of the details of over 1500 people who contacted you for more info on your protection services. We aren't feeling too nice today. On internet, security experts need protection from you!

The leaked data contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords for admin and for its user it contains emails, names and telephone numbers. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=1880 https://pastebin.com/8pAfPkwb