content/images/gallery/random3/alaska-structures-military-shelter-systems-military-tents-and-fabric-structures.png Recently @k0detec  has been making few headlines on our site and once again they have gone after yet another high profile target, this time its in relation to a new operation that has sprung up as well. The operation is #OpJailer and information for that can be found here, the target that has been attacked and defaced is AKS, an alaskian shelter supplier who seems to have contracts with several branches of the U.S military. The deface features the following message.

_ _ __ _______ .___ __ | || || | _ _ | /_/ | ____ ____ __ / |/ / / / __ |/ __ __/ __ / ___ | || || | ___ > > |||| / / / / / / "Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect." - Hunter S Thompson Oh Hai. We are k0detec, a fraction of the #Anonymous fraction known as #antisec. We have hacked your website. It wasn't just your pitiful security that prompted us to do this, oh no. This hack is a part of #OpJailer, targeting not just Prisons, but the lucrative industry behind prisons. Take Alaska Structures here for example. At first you would be forgiven for mistaking them for simple tent manufacturers, but no, they are more than this. Hidden away under their products list is their "Prisons and Security" section: "Alaska Structures offers the most extensive range of shelters for the correctional and security industry. Our fabric buildings are a great solution for security gates and check points, inmate housing and dining, and inmate recreation facilities, to name a few." We can only imagine how thankful prisoners in Alaska are to be housed, fed and made to exercise in a goddamn tent. So now you know why we owned you, and we DID own you. 09876 - test - w3bs1t3 Recognise your passwords? Shouts out to: AntiS3curityOps (always), miss bunny ears, me0w, antigenic and everyone else who brightens our day in front of this screen. - @k0detec

At time of publishing the site was still defaced.