content/images/gallery/antisec12/teamskeet-com-database-dumped-by-anonymoussynn-pastebin-com_.png @AnonymousSynn had tipped us off a short while ago to a leak that was upcoming, and now its here. Well known adult network website, has become the latest adult site to fall victim to hackers and also as a result another adult networks site ( has also been compromised by way of leaked details from Skeets database. Much earlier today @AnonymousSynn also did what they call a "warm up leak" which included another small hint that they had access to the server already. We first got shown a small preview that confirmed this and now we have been sent the main leak which contains the following message:

Attack Method: SQLi (Fucking low security, but what can we expect eh? Fix your shit.) Attack Date: 05/31/2012 Vulnerable Link:,0,0,0,0&sortby=1 NOTE::: This site connects to many others that have very similar security flaws. Abuse them. Greetz to; @Cyber_War_News , and https://MalRes.IN As always, enjoy the dump, and have a nice day. And To TeamSkeet, I can fix your security for a nice fee. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I've got 15 more vulnerable links on different php files. Fix them, or I'll dump every ounce of your site. Now, for the lulz::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hello TeamSkeet. (TrollFace.JPG) I kinda h3xd ur sheet. Srryz.

The leak contains about 170 emails from users who have signed up to the site and also contains about 6000 user account in the format of username:password, sadly all passwords are in clear text.