Well this is what annoys us a bit, hackers who are out targeting websites for personal reasons. @BouritoTheGod has claimed they have attacked https://samosir.org/ in which has been a total personal attack. After they knocked the site offline for a short period of time they have gone and published the following statement.

We brought down Samosir because we hate the man behind it, Torin Peel. He is a scamming hacker that tries to steal money and provide useless service. We are also targeting tekube.com to ensure he won't be doing anymore of his annoying scams. This useless being is gone for good.

So where do we start here, if you are going to go out of your own way to attack another persons company then make sure you have the proof to back it up, other wise it just ends up looking like yet another selfish attack, many of which we have been seeing over the past few weeks.