@TeamDigi7al released a day 1 page a few days ago and one of the attacks was on the Health Council of Canada server and as a result of this attack they have leaked some account data. The leak contains 200+ accounts and has been uploaded to pastie.org as a encrypted(private) paste, where u need the key to unlock it. In the leak comes the following message:

I discovered a vuln on HealthCouncilCanada.ca From there I found the rest of the garbage. Once I started to sniff through the dbs, I stumbled upon some major n00b's 'work'. Whoever is in charge of this wackness should be let go. Your work is poop, admin! P.S.There's more info than what my dump includes. I simpliy couldn't handle looking at this garbage any longer. Next!

The leaked data contains database information and user accounts in the format of emails and passwords which are mostly unencrypted. Also what is more important is the fact this leak has compromised many other sites such as below: www.franklintempleton.com www.healthcouncilcanada.ca www.hellosos.com www.novo.ca www.sanofi.ca www.presslinx.ca mazda.247integrated.com So as you can see shared hosting is a big no no when it comes to security as when one database is compromised they all are. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=1952