@k0detec has continue'd their #FTPFriday hack and releases with a fresh dump of accounts and information from a website that does training for hundreds of government company's and branches across all sectors. The company MOAB Training International has a huge client list as can be seen on their website. The leaked data was announced via twitter and came with the following statement.

So... You train cops and security guys to beat the crap out of people. In Soviet Russia self-defense experts need defense from you! Here are your 1,700+ users. Excuse our laziness in not cracking all the passwords, but we only have so much energy to devote to each conquest. You'll find a lot of heads of security, cops, corporate honchos in here, please try their passwords everywhere, as we know how sloppy people are in reusing passwords.. Oh and.. Narqs, clever liars, "blackhat" and "darkside" hackers working for the establishment, law enforcement, .mil profiteers, .governments and those working with or for corrupt governments, prison industry slave labourers and infosec leeches, take note. Your kodez are not safe. You can run and tell that, homeboy. --k0detec

the leaked account data totals 1,442 accounts that are in the format of username, email and password. All passwords are encrypted. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=1949 https://pastebin.com/X18PkLWK