The last 24hrs has been very busy for hackers around the world, one of these hackers is @Reckz0r and they have dumped a large amount of accounts from various attacked sites. The leak was announced on twitter with the following messages.

Reckz0r ‏@Reckz0r Are you ready? Reckz0r ‏@Reckz0r Iran Database Leak (2,500 Iranian Organizations Hacked) - - @Anon_Central @s3rverexe@YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden

The leak contains the following message and was uploaded to despoitfiles and as you can see in the message most of the data comes from Iranian websites/servers with @Reckz0r claiming they have rooted them.

Today, I bring you with some juicy information, Now tell me, Who doesn't hate Iran? I've been targetting large iran organizations, forums, gaming sites, goverment websites...etc. This leak is a combination of Iranian Oragnizations, forums, gaming websites, and goverment. This is a leak of 2,500 large iranian websites (If you're guessing how did I hack them so fast, Rooting always work FAST.) Brought to you by; Reckz0r One idea, can change the lifes of million people. Always go for your dream! Follow me at Twitter for hacks, and other bullshit: Enjoy, folks!

The actual leaked data contains the above message and 30k+ accounts in the format of email:password with all passwords being encrypted, the file was uploaded to deposit files and is a compressed text file that totals 937.32 KB compressed and 2.22MB uncompressed. We will have full results and further information on the targets soon.