Operation Green Rights has been moving along for some time now which many targets  in the past, but a new one of that is Intel and as a result of becoming an target to anonymous hacktivist they have been hacked, breached and now a heap of data has been leaked onto the Internet. The leaked data contains usernames, password, emails and other personal information as well as a heap of emails and payments database. They have also leaked data in the form of emails and also a list of 5k emails. The attack is said to be carried out on intelconsumerelectronics.com, another intel site and TRAXYS www.traxys.com. The actual leaked data was uploaded to various places and has a bit of reading to go through to understand it all but one of the releases comes with a press release for Intel that explains why they are doing what they are doing. OpColtan Press Release for Intel #OperationGreenRights

OpColtan Press for Intel #OperationGreenRights Intel, your processors increase slavery, war and nature devastation in Congo, shame on you ! The UN trial of 2001 about congo's war in 1998 showed that the conflict was a fight to control Congo's coltan mines. Firms like Apple, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc... use great amounts of coltan in order to produce computers and cellular phones.We know that also in 1998 intel used lots of coltan,and that coltan comes from Congo. So we can say that intel contibutes indirectly to create the Congo's war in 1998.During Congo's coltan war 6 milion people lost their lives.We also know that,now,mininig companies that provide coltan to intel,are working in Congo.In 2012 a new civil war in growing up in Kivu.Kivu is Congo's region which has lots of coltan mines. The war of 2012 is by mr.Ntaganda and this army, formerly involved in 1998 war.So,now,there's war in Congo and namely Congo is not a war free area.Intel says that from 2013 its coltan will come from conflict-free areas.So we ask to Intel: where do you take your coltan from 1999 to 2012? Why have not you developed a sustitute for coltan in this last 13 years? Pristine ecosystems where destroyed in order to extract coltan and also lots of gorillas were killed. Coltan in digged whith bare hands in hinumane condition by cogolese people. Children usually dont'go school in order to dig the mineral.Coltan is also quite radioactive and miners has terrible healt problems. For Intel, desploiting Congo's people and devasting Nature in cheeper than develop new war- free thecnologies. We underline that also in 2011 Intel promise to stop immidiately to use Congo's minerals.This never occours.So in 2012 Intel promises another time,to produce conflict free processors from 2013.Also Traxys substain that from 8 maj 2012 its minerals would come from conflict free areas,but we shows that Traxys is laying.This is prooved by "salvakalumba"'s mail in Traxy's dumped db.So great firms are completely unaffordable,they are only interested in making money. We speak to every human being , if reading about the atrocities of intel Traxys...you feel pain in your heart, now you can contribute to sort out the truth. OperationGreenRights offers you the compleate database of intelconsumerelectronics.com , please look inside and use the informations contained in order to protest freely and proof intel's responsability. " Leak ahead " against intel ! 1° release https://privatepaste.com/811ffa6372 To improove the efficency of the protest we also offer the " 15 $Bilion$ CONTACT " table. We found it under Data Base: IntelCEG Table: 15billionContacts. It's a huge list of email contacts by important members of major companies. Many of them are directly or indirectly involved in trafficking coltan from Congo.

So as we stated the leaks are all over the place but here is a general summary of where they can be found and what each contains. data leaks from from www.intelconsumerelectronics.com leak : https://privatepaste.com/811ffa6372 leak  stats: https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2149dump from intel by @MexicanH leak: https://pastebin.com/xfmfKdjk leak stats: https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2150Other releated leaks emails list: https://privatepaste.com/bd4908e8a0 email list stats: part 1, part 2 phase 1 leak: https://pastebin.com/wNL844Pi phase 1 leak stats: https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2148 Two files have also been uploaded to deposit files. members pdf file https://depositfiles.com/files/zk5zt52ia cont 467kb rar file that contains 22 PDF files that are meant to be for members only. Complete email databases from TRAXYS with the below message as well. https://depositfiles.com/files/flaq8us1f  / 32MB rar file that contains CSV based database files. Traxys email release message by @OpGreenRights:

This time OperationGreenRights propose you a little leak. The following Email was sent by [email protected] to TRAXYS firm. We know that now a civil war is going on in Congo. So Congo surely isn't a war-free area. Ovbiously no one should desploit countries during a civil war so, as explained in the following mail, the lead ore in rapidly taken to Zambia, so noone can proove that the ore is digged in Congo.The aforementioned civil war, is due to mr. Ntaganda, a war-lord formerly involved in the war in Congo of 1993. RAID, which is an organization or the english government, and also UN, demonstrated that the war in 1993 was a war for coltan.Congo, which is now troubled by another civil war, is also reach of many other minerals different from coltan, e.g. lead ore.Whit this mail mr salvakalumba is triyng to sell lead ore from Congo to Traxis. So that leak shows that firms are digging and selling minerals from Congo. Further more, TRAXYS declarate, on 8 May 2012 that the sourcing of minerals from Democratic Republic of East-Congo is suspended in order to to protect its reputation from any appearance of wrongdoing. This mail shows that declaration is false, TRAXYS is clearly interested in Congo's lead ore. For this reason "salvakalumba" move the lead ore digged in Congo to Zambia so no one can proove that the lead ore is digged in Congo. This permit TRAXYS to say that they realy believe that the lead ore is from Zambia and not from Congo. We know that, in Congo, miners suffer terrible work conditions and nature is destroied in order to extract ore. From 2012 another civil war is growing up in Congo.Great companies dont'care to all this things, they continue to dig devast Congo's Nature forcing congo's people in war and slavery!

Regarding the traxys leak and attack we have found this small news release by them which is attempting to explains about the congo situation. Full press release can be found for opcol here