#TeamGhostShell.member @Echel0n has just announced a deface and data leak that is taking place on a italian based government site for the city of San Marzano (https://www.sanmarzano-ta.gov.it/). content/images/gallery/random4/wikiboat-wednesday-6-20-12-pastebin-com.png > Echelon ‏@_Echel0n@Cyber_War_News https://sanmarzano-ta.gov.it: I remodeled their site a little. Several gov sites hacked - Leak: https://bit.ly/MwEeKz#TGS

The leak has the following message and contains a further 7 government sites that have been breached and had data leaked as a result. > #### HACKED

LEAK: https://pastesite.com/37939 Hello. I am Echelon from #TeamGhostShell. As some of you may know (although not nearly as many as it should be), Europe has these past few years been hit by waves of extreme-right nationalism and racism in it´s political sphere. This includes nationalist political parties like Hungary´s "Jobbik", Italy´s "Lega Nord" and Finlands "True Finns". The parties thrive on ignorance and disappointment, and have risen towards power on the wave that was the 2008 economic crisis - just as the NSDAP did during the 30s. #TeamGhostShell are starting #ProjectWestWind, which includes attacks on European government servers as well as bringing these events to the surface. We invite you, reading this, to spread this message and help us aknowledge these racist thoughts before it´s too late. This is the first leak. Following is leaks mainly from Italian government sites, as well as an EU Lawyer portal (ccbe.eu) and the former Swedish Communist Party (vansterpartiet.eu) Twitter: @_Echel0n

List of government sites hacked:www.cncesaro.gov.it   www.primocircolovico.gov.it www.donmilaninapoli.gov.it www.itimarconi.gov.it www.istitutodenicola.gov.it www.cavaprimocircolo.gov.it www.ccbe.eu www.vansterpartiet.eu The leaked data is different for each site and is database information to mailing information and user/administration account credentials. All passwords within the leak are encrypted. At time of publishing this attack was still active. https://www.sanmarzano-ta.gov.it/ https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2229 https://privatepaste.com/6c739110a5