A few days ago we got tipped off to a huge hack of data that had happened by .c0mrade. The attack was on CMCSS Clarksville-Montgomery County School System which now appears to be offline, most likely due to the investigation and to repair servers. esecurityplanet.com has reported that after the breach some one had actually called 911 to report ti to local police, who inturn contact the school and started the investigation to the breach. When the breach was first posted they promised to not be leaking any of the data due to the yharm it may cause for innocent people, but since then there has been reports that a lot of 14k details have surface. Now whats more interesting to me is that it took a 911 call for FBI to do something. Im sure the American citizens will be shocked to find out that something has to be reported for the FBI to find out and take out action, while the rest of the world free finds out about it from media sources. Also like to note, some one has sent us this, attempting to possibly make claim for this attack, almost 7dys after it happened.