The message: In a couple days if not more - Sooner or later i dont care when i just know its going to happen I want the world to see what i done the other day before i get arrested any my time is up and i wont be able to share this with you guys With that said i will not be posting any information that could allow unauthorized access from Dipshit Skid hackers aka ( Ip addresses , username , pass ) Everything in this is indeed real and none of it is bull shit - I can not provide any pictures or emails due to the Confidentail Statement in the E-mail from Parent Company of FoxNews + FoxNews its self - However If i dont get arrested i might have an interview with a reporter ( but kinda fucked up cause the whole surprise would have been ruined , But none the less it still verifies my claims were real and accurate ) FoxNews - The Empire Now a lot of people that have hacked into FoxNews 9 * out of 10 it was some SQl , or just something that could have been resolved quickly Well i was talking with someone the other day and they was talking to me at how FoxNews was the Motherload - They are the Government FoxNews Will lie for anyone - in any second if the Government tells them to FoxNews is a bunch of manipulating ass wholes that dont give 2 shits to what they say about ppl publicly FoxNews does not wait - they are to much in a hurry FoxNews Is the Oppresors of us all Not once has ANYONE EVER EVER EVER EVER came out and PUBLICLY opened about gaining Internal access to FoxNews Why? Because FoxNews Does not want this to go public nor do they want anyone to know about it 1. If Global corperations saw FoxNews was internally hacked - The devastation on that is just out right crazy - the impact this can have on the media or just in general is Astronomical. I find it funny how LulzSec attacked FoxNews - What all could they do? Not a godam thing except phish some fucked up News Reporter's Twitter account..................... I mean come on guys if that doesnt show you the reality of lulzSec then i dont know what else will With that said Below is FoxNews Channel Internally Hacked 1. FoxNews Channel - Terestrial land Based Distribution Hub Relay What is a Terestrial land Based Distribution Hub ? land based signals received through a conventional aerial communication systems When you go to FoxNews on your local TV and you see these ad's - Companies aka Affiliates go to this Special system to upload there own Videos When they upload the video ( there Companies Commercial ) its set in the pump que - Then you got your Edge Employee's that Push it out FoxNews Has over 200+ of these systems During my analyasis on the Service i was able to identify a Vulnerability in the SOFTWARE its self therefore allowing the use of ALL FOX NEWS Teestrial Land Based Distribution Hubs 2. FoxNews DG - HD Distributer What is the DG - HD Distributer? Spot Box HD Xtreme is the cornerstone of DG FastChannel’s HD Xtreme™ initiative, an end-to-end electronic video distribution solution equipping advertisers and broadcasters with a complete and robust solution for the distribution and management of HD advertisements. The features and functionality of HD Xtreme significantly increase digital spot delivery capacity and allow seamless delivery of spots in multiple HD standards. All the pictures you need to comfirm this is in the folder 3. FoxNews Steam Control - The application that controls the LiveSteam on FoxNews Website - Proof of Concept = Look at the Pictures 4. FoxNews - Comtrol Network serial converter look up Comtrol Network serial converter - TO see what the software is and how that can you you an idea as to what i was able to do with Fox Systems I dont want to go into a lot of great detail because i dont want to put out to much information that could possibly hurt FoxNews other then this embarrsemnt with that said all the pictures you need to validate everything is in the link below Time Line: Contacted Someone - That guy called Director of Cyber Esponiage ( FBI ) Parent Company of FoxNews Calls FoxNews FoxNews Information Technology Team + Parent company of FoxNews Information technology E-mail me I Sent my audit report to them And they are now fixing the Vulnerabilities and everything else. I wish i didnt have to come out public like this in this way as trust me i had a much more funnier way as to how i wanted to inform you guys of this hack with the Reporter But since stuff has changed quickly i have to react fast - But none the less nothing was damaged - im not getting charged for anything - and i might even land a job with there IT team who knows Anyways to give you guys a summary of the Potential danger in this Ever saw the movie Hackers? Know how the guy was able to control the TV station and watch whatever he wants? Well thats pretty much what this is - except i never changed the TV lol There might be a news report sometime in the near future but honestly i just dont see it happening anymore - With that said stay tuned for more ====================================== DOWNLOAD -> ================================================================ By Hex00010 E-Mail: [email protected] Follow me on twitter at ->!/Hex000101