Today we covered alot of @TeamGhostShells attacks and now we have the rest of them. We have already made several posts High Commission of IndiaSEPRELAD, Social Action Secretariat on their attacks from the last 12hrs but now we have another 2 parts that contains a 16 different sites. The sites belong to county's like Paraguay, Portugal, china, Mexico and many more. A Lot of them are government based websites but most of them only have small leaks such as minor database layout information. Leaks Break down., part 1 Amuru District Office of the Prime Minister Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Biodiversity Information Facility Tanzania Largest and most Reliable Online Tenders Portal Tanzania Meteorological Agency Tanzania Marine and Parks Reserves Tanzania Commission for Universities Thailand military Office of Elementary Education in a Primary Educational Service Area Office National News Bureau Of Thailand Leaks Break Down Part 2  Programas Gubernamentale INAH See all articles on TeamGhostShell/