It would appear that UGNAZI have been active while being quite, they have claimed to of access MarkMonitors google system and from that has resulted in a hack. The hack has been done via social engineering and appears to be done via the email support system with this picture being posted. The announcement was made on pastebin in such a way they say that they are social engineering Gods and that no one on the internet is safe from them.

3 Days ago, We gained access into Google's registrar MarkMonitor, the following picture goes to show how no one is safe

here is the full statement. __ __ _______ ____ __ __ | | | |/ | \ | | ______ _______() | | | | / | | |/ __ | | | | || | |\ \ |\ | (| |/ /| | _/_/| _|_/|_____|__| ======||= ---> JoshTheGod > MrOsama > Cosmo > CyberZeist <--- "Fuck With The Best , Die Like The Rest" ============================================================================== So, Today, we are releasing our statement on that no one on the Internet is safe from UGNazi. On June 11th we gained access to Google's MarkMonitor account. Our email address. [email protected] Was successfully updated on Google's Mark-Monitor Account. The agent that helped us reset the account should get some what of credit, she helped us alot on reseting Google's MarkMonitor account :). Google Reset Image: Shoutouts to: Mark Monitor senior account manager: --removed personal details--- Thanks Guys!. You guys should be fired. P.S Google, i suggest you move to a more secure registrar. but then again, we are Social Engineering Gods. So, this just goes to show, even Google can be Social Engineered. P.S. It was Google's Account Manager, Olga Was, so technically, we did Social Engineer Google. :). #UGNazi