opblitzkrieg has been going for some time now, its an operation that is attempting to expose and attack all the nazi based sites across the internet. today they have releaed a file with 17sites in it that have been hacked and left defaced.waffen-ss List of sites that have been defaced are all Hungarian and all sport the same defacement,.

  1. https://hunterss.uw.hu
  2. https://worstnightmare.uw.hu
  3. https://asgaird.uw.hu
  4. https://hunorzenekar.uw.hu
  5. https://bloodandhonour.uw.hu
  6. https://hitlerjugend.uw.hu
  7. https://adolfhitler.uw.hu
  8. https://hitlerrol.uw.hu
  9. https://hitler.uw.hu
  10. https://ronaldmchitler.uw.hu
  11. https://n88.uw.hu
  12. https://d88.uw.hu
  13. https://skinheadinfo.atw.hu
  14. https://atw.hu
  15. https://n88.uw.hu
  16. https://division88.uw.hu
  17. https://waffensstk.uw.hu

The defacings was all live at time of publish. https://pastebin.com/x5s1mh3R