hacked-by-_gsec Another twitter based crew @_GSec which is compromised of a few hackers we follow have taken sights to a heap of Uganda based servers/sites and as a result they have been left defaced or taken offline.

Our Logic & Reason; As you may tell by now, #OpFuckUganda is going and full blown. The reasoning behind these multiple defaced and DOS'd websites is simple. We do not and will not ever stand for gay/lesbian discrimination. Uganda as well as Australia, are the #1 offenders. We have realized that if no one will stand up to them, and show them we will not stand for such actions and behaviors, GSec will. Therefore we reveal to you #OpFuckUganda. So, to all Ugandan officials, we would like to welcome you too OPERATION FUCK UGANDA(#OpFuckUganda). Prepare for a war you can not and will not withstand. Here's a small example of our operation.

As well as this they also claim to have access to payuganda.com

Need we mention we have access to payuganda.com and Bank Of Uganda?

The sites that got defaced have since been restored 1. rosiminstitute.com/index.html
2. neweavetech.co.ug
3. hsc.go.ug
4. queenfiredchicken.co.ug
5. yice.org
6. oasismineralpoint.com/index.html
7. kanrichuganda.com/index.html
8. elandafricansafaris.com/home/index.php
9. cleanhomes.ug
10. yesuganda.org
11. parthuganda.com
12. jacksonuganda.com
13. theenzyme.co.ug/index.html
14. elemacinter.com/index.html
15. unbs.go.ug https://pastebin.com/c3x9hWjx