An alleged black market credit card selling website has been hacked and exposed by @hex000101 who has recently been on spree of leaking similar information. The attack was first announced a few days ago on the 25th when hex posted a pastebin link with the claimed websites owners information as well as some emails and proof of the coming leak. Today he has just posted another dump that has 100 accounts from the sites database from people who were claimed to be using this illegal service. The leak was posted to pastebin with a short preview and the following message.

By- Hex00010 Follow me at ->!/Hex000101/ Below is the user base to a illegal BlackMarket Credit Card Selling website You can read more about that here -> Below is a list of users that have bought from this website ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is a Example of some ip's copy the link below to get the full list

In the first release hex claims the owner of the website is using the details himself to purchase stuff such as $250 online gift cards. At time of publishing both the related websites, and were offline, most likely due to the recent events. ITs also worth making a mention this comes as UGNAZI leader @JoshTheGod was recently arrested and charged with buying and selling stolen credits cards after a long term online fbi sting.